Shocking News … Dentists and Marketing Don’t Play Well Together


I recently came across a survey of dentists, and the results tell us something troubling about the state of dentistry today.

This survey looked at how dentists feel about marketing.

10% feel that a good dentist should not need to market at all

25% said they don’t like marketing, but think it’s a necessary evil

25% said they wished they could take advantage of marketing their practice

Only 40% said they believe marketing provides great opportunities to promote their practice

Add it up.  60% of all dentists are not interested or able to take advantage of the power of marketing to build their practices.

So … what does this survey mean for you?

First, let’s make sure we agree on what marketing is.

Simply put, marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products and services.

Marketing is the story you tell your customers. It is your promise to your customers of the kinds of services you offer and the benefits you deliver.  That’s the heart of your marketing message.

If your customers don’t know who you are or what you do, your practice cannot realize its full potential.

Every time you pull out your business card, mention your dental office, or speak in the community, you are marketing your practice.  The sign on your door is marketing.  Asking your patients to refer their friends is marketing.

But there’s more.  The stories your customers tell about you are marketing. That’s word of mouth.  Are people saying good things about you – things that will grow and strengthen your practice?  If not, why not?

Don’t you see?  Like it or not, every dentist markets his practice every day.

Now to the good stuff.

Do you smell opportunity?

According to this research, three out of every five dentists in your area are not putting effort into marketing his practice.  They are either not marketing at all … or they are doing a poor job of it.

Think how that affects all of those patients out there.  These are people with real needs who are not being fully educated about the choices they have for dental care.

These people need to know what is available to them.  They want to find a dentist they can rely on.

Shouldn’t you be the dentist who reaches out to them with the facts?

Speak directly to those who need your services.  Tell them why they should come see you.

Marketing is your answer to getting more new patients … and to keeping the ones you already have.

If you use marketing that focuses on offering solutions for people in need, you will have more new and satisfied patients than you can handle.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you really wanted to help people get better, and to make a good living doing it, wouldn’t you use whatever ethical and moral tools you can get your hands on to accomplish that task?


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